Do you know the one reason why it is so hard to get the data you need from your own operational and accounting software?
Let’s imagine that you have an important meeting with a client. You know you need 30 minutes to get there, but you know you will have to beat rush hour traffic and you start driving two hours before the meeting.
Sure enough, traffic strikes and although you know you will get to your meeting in time you cannot help thinking: why do I have to spend two hours of my valuable time for something that should only take 30 minutes? Who is going to pay for this time?
The answer is obvious – you will.  And yet, you accept it as something unavoidable because you had to book the meeting during rush hour, because you had to use your car to get there, and because you needed to have that meeting to close a nice deal.
And then your eyes catch this red sign:  an express lane that will get you straight from your office to downtown opens in three months.
Awesome! Suddenly the possibility of not wasting two hours of your valuable time instead of just 30 minutes becomes very real – you just need to get that Priority Pass.
So the question is, why didn’t anybody come up with a Priority Pass for corporate data yet? Every organization needs an efficient, sustainable way to extract data from its own systems, and as a consequence meeting this expectation is one of the top priorities of any business software vendor. Yet, every organization finds itself in this same situation.

How is it possible?

A Simple, Innovative And Affordable Solution to Make Your Existing Information System Deliver Better Results


Why is it so hard to get the data you need from your own operational and accounting software?

You know that the data is all there, because you run your day-to-day operations and accounting in that software. And yet, when you need vital insight that helps you run your business better, it always seems to come from a spreadsheet that you or somebody in your team spent many hours creating. Sounds familiar? On average, staff typically spends more than one-third of their time on manual administrative tasks — and less than two-thirds on their core job function. A Three Easy Steps project automates these manual processes. It also makes it easy to keep them in sync with requirements that change over time. It achieves this by leveraging the power of Business Data Standardization.

Business Data Standardization reduces costs and time wasted on chasing data

    • It allows organizations like yours to use software applications and processes that deliver better results than traditional proprietary software, faster and for a fraction of the cost
    • It empowers business users in your team to interact directly and efficiently with the data stored in your accounting and operational software to get the information they need, the way they need it
    • It does not require any investment in replacing or modifying the software applications that your organization currently uses

Three Easy Steps is a  flat-fee package of software tools and consulting services that will allow you to put business data standardization to work in your organization. IPHIX is a global leader in this field, and our experts will walk your team through each step in the process – and if at the end you are not satisfied, we will offer you a full refund, no questions asked! Together, we will:

Identify a Pain Point

1 – Identify a “pain point” that you want to eliminate

Identify with us a data-related internal process that is a “pain point” in your organization, such as a spreadsheet that is maintained manually on a regular basis. The focus of the Three Easy Step project will be to remove that pain point, replacing it with an automated solution based on business data standardization. Examples include:

    • Generation of internal or external reports – for management, compliance, or to be shared with service providers such as accountants and auditors
    • Executive dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Reconciliation of reports generated by different software applications
Define Success

2 – Define “success”

What would you consider a success in addressing that pain point? Business data standardization is an innovative concept, and the main goal of a Three Easy Steps package is to explore the technology and the tools available to leverage it, and understand its potential while at the same time solving one specific existing problem within your organization. The scope of a Three Easy Steps project must be well defined in nature and limited in scope so that it can be completed quickly, but significant enough to have a positive impact.


3 – Execute

Execution time! XKUBED is the software application that we created to make the benefits of business data standardization available to organizations of any size and in any sector or industry. Each Three Easy Steps package includes a perpetual user license for the configuration of XKUBED selected to address your specific pain point. In addition, our experts will work with your team to understand where the relevant information is stored in your system, will create an interface between those systems and XKUBED, and will deliver the result agreed in steps 1 and 2 – all for a one-time, pre-defined, affordable fee, with a full money-back guarantee.

Your Three Easy Steps package includes…

Software A perpetual license to use XKUBED for the purpose identified for the Three Easy Steps project. XKUBED has several modules that support

    • Reporting of all types
    • Management Dashboards
    • KPI indicators, data monitoring and auditing
    • And more
Services All the consulting services necessary to set up XKUBED to perform the activities in scope for the Three Easy Steps project, including:

    • Analysis and optimization of the process identified
    • Automated interface to retrieve the necessary data from your organization’s accounting, financial and operational systems
    • Configuration of XKUBED to support your specific requirements
    • Your pain point – Solved!
    • The introduction in your organization of an innovative way to experience technology
        • Business user friendly
        • Flexible
        • Affordable
        • Capable of supporting your requirements much beyond the scope of the initial Three Easy Step project – guaranteed!
    • See the XBRL icon to the left?  XBRL is the global business data standard that we use in Three Easy Steps!

Get Started!

Take the first step to leverage the power of XBRL in your organization

We know by experience that business data standardization delivers on its promises – it will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiencies in your internal data-related processes without requiring significant changes or costly additions to your IT environment.

We also know that Three Easy Steps is a proven, fast, and effective way to start you off on this path.  By successfully completing a Three Easy Steps project, you will achieve tangible, immediate results.  At the same time you will develop a deep understanding of the technology and its benefits and you will be able to envision even more significant ways to make it work for your business.

This is why we feel confident in offering the Three Easy Steps package – including all the consulting services and all the software tools that you need to complete your first business data standardization project – for one flat, all-inclusive fee.

To learn more on how Three Easy Steps can help you yield an immediate, positive return on your IT investment, please call +1 202 379 4879 or email us to set up an appointment for a half-hour telephone consultation.


Get your Three Easy Steps package today!

The Three Easy Steps packages are available through this offer for a limited time for a flat, pre-defined fee. No estimates, no revisions, no extra time or unexpected costs – guaranteed.


  • One perpetual XKUBED license for the use identified in the TES project – a value of US $8,000/year to $12,000/year depending on the configuration
  • Unlimited consulting services within the scope of the TES project
  • Unlimited virtual meetings
  • Money-back guarantee
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  • One perpetual XKUBED license for the use identified in the TES project – a value of US $8,000/year to $12,000/year depending on the configuration
  • Unlimited consulting services within the scope of the TES project
  • Unlimited virtual meetings
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Two days on-site meetings(*)(**)
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  • One perpetual XKUBED license for the use identified in the TES project – a value of US $8,000/year to $12,000/year depending on the configuration
  • Unlimited consulting services within the scope of the TES project
  • Unlimited virtual meetings
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited on-site meetings(*)(**)
  •  Priority support with guaranteed 24 hours window for support ticket resolution 
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(*) On-site meetings can be used for the project kick-off, along the course of the project and/or for
a brainstorming session on possible next steps after the project is successfully completed.
(**) Travel expenses and accommodation are not included.

Results Speak Louder Than Words


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of a Three Easy Steps project?

Here are some recent examples:

  • Automated generation of compliance reports, management reports, reports for the organization’s CPA or auditor
  • Creation of interactive dashboards to track the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of choice
  • Creation of automated interfaces to exchange data from one application to another
  • Automated population of spreadsheets with information extracted from the organization’s accounting or operational software

How long does it take to complete a Three Easy Steps Project?

Anywhere from one week to a month, depending on scope and complexity. Time is certainly one of the factors that we will consider when agreeing on the best choice for the project scope.

What level of data security do you offer?

Our software solutions are available both in the cloud and as a local installation – the decision is up to you. For a local installation, the security and access policies are the same that your organization normally applies. Our cloud solutions offer industry standard security levels.

How long does it take to see the results?

The results are immediate once the Three Easy Steps project is completed.

What resources will be required from our organization?

The business owners of the report or process selected for the project will be involved in the initial analysis, and we may request their insight and assistance from time to time along the duration of the project.  The IT department will provide access to the source data under the modalities agreed at the start of the project.

What about meetings – will you come to our offices?

The Standard Three Easy Steps package includes unlimited virtual meetings and screen sharing sessions. In our experience this works very well, but if you prefer (or if the complexity of the desired project requires) the Enterprise package includes two days of on-site meetings (travel and accommodation, if necessary, are not included).   Extra on-site meetings can be agreed if required during the execution of the project, both for the Standard and the Enterprise package.

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